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Land-based casinos always have been and likely always will be popular, but there is no denying that their internet-based counterparts have created a whole new generation of gamblers. Rather than being forced to schedule time off of work, book a hotel room, pay for a flight and then sit in a smoky, loud atmosphere, individuals are discovering the sheer convenience of the online casino games download. There are plenty of benefits associated with gambling on the web, too.

Playing for Real or for Free

Go to http://www.online-casinos.ca/real-money-casinos.html to find a real money site. There is also an extensive free games section that Canadian players would be well advised to take advantage of.

Installation vs. Instant Play

Some folks out there are afraid to install anything onto their hard drives for fear of viruses, malware, adware and other things that can affect their computers and possibly even compromise the integrity of their personal information. As such, many of these people prefer instant-play venues where they can simply navigate their Flash- or Java-based browsers to a page and get started. However, with a casino games download, the graphics are better, there is a larger selection and, oftentimes, users can customize the experience to their liking.

Internet Benefits

Of course, the best benefit is that users can access anything they could possibly imagine with the click of a button. However, because a casino games download is not restricted based upon available floor space (as is the case in bricks-and-mortar establishments) it is possible to find all kinds of variants of classics like blackjack, poker and even roulette with table limits to fit absolutely any budget. What's more, users don't have to sit in smoky rooms; they can create their own ambience at home.

All in all, being able to pick up a laptop or sit down at a computer and enjoy a few hands of blackjack or a few spins of a slots game certainly has its advantages. No matter whether people are pressed for time, unable to travel or simply drawn to the fact that they can gamble from home, this is an industry that will continue to grow for many years.