Some Blackjack Strategy tips you could try out

    As much as game of chance like blackjack has no straight rules, there are several theories that most players follow. When it comes to blackjack, there are several theories that have been proven accurate, both scientifically and realistically. This is known as a basic strategy. In fact, using this strategy is the nearest you can get to having an edge lest you count cards. However, there are also other theories that have been proven successful winning tactics.

    'Never bust' is one of the most common modes of playing blackjack. The strategy concentrates specifically on the hand of the player adding up to 12 to 16, when a player cannot take a 'hit,' or when the player's hand is holding 11 or less , which a player must take a hit. In these guidelines, a player does not run the possibility of a 'bust'.

    Some specialists recommend not to hit on a 'stiff' hand, which are the 12 to 16 hand values, as it will increase the edge of the casino by 5%. This means that any play who continues to 'stand' only increases the rate of the casino to taking their money.

    There are various statistics, facts, as well as percentages about blackjack strategy. However, all the numbers revolving around 'never bust' method of play show that it is wise for a player to find a different strategy to use.

    Mimic the dealer is another strategy commonly used by players. In this strategy, it is assumed that players can copy the tactics of the dealer who is the casino representative if the casino has an advantage. However, this is never a good decision. This is because in most cases, the dealer usually stands at 17. Besides, a dealer is not allowed to use players' options such as 'split,' 'surrender,' or 'double down.' In fact, you will be increasing the casino's edge if you eliminate the only options available to you for increasing profits. This strategy also runs a player at risk of busting. This is because in blackjack, the dealer must always be the last to play.

    Therefore, it is advisable that players use all the available options they have even if they do not feel right and not always go with the different strategies and theories.