Knowing the Odds is the Only Real Baccarat Strategy that Works is the only real decision that a baccarat player ever has to make is how he or she is going to place a wager. As such, the only real baccarat strategy lies in understanding the odds and budgeting a bankroll. As far as betting is concerned, there are three different ways to do it: on the banker for a payout of 19:20, on the player with an even money payout, or on the tie that pays out either 8:1 or 9:1 depending on the establishment.

    Which is Best?

    The absolute worst decision to make is to place a wager on the tie because the odds of winning are terrible. In fact, the house has more than a 15% edge here and that is almost impossible to overcome. The banker wager has decent odds, but the house will take a 5% commission off of each winning stake. The bet on the player has odds that are just a bit worse than those for the banker, but no commission is taken. Mathematically speaking, placing a stake on the banker is the absolute best baccarat strategy.

    Stay Away from Fake Systems

    If you've ever scoured the web for baccarat strategy guides, you have likely come across some that ask you to pay money for "guaranteed" strategies that will help you win each and every time. These are scams more than likely because this is a game of pure luck and there is nothing that you can ever do to improve your odds of winning or affect the outcome of a hand. With that being said, do not fall victim to these scams. That money will be put to better use at the table as long as you are able to stick with the guidelines contained herein.

    In a nutshell, then, the best way to get ahead is to come up with a budget, stick to it, and always place banker bets. Despite the 5% commission, the house edge is only 1.06% - that's better than just about anything in the casino and there is absolutely no skill involved.