Learn the Best Craps Strategy with 22 Inside

    One of the best craps strategies is the method of 22 inside. This method involves actions of low risk and gives the player slow but more steady winnings. A lot of craps players prefer crowncasino-perth.com this method since more numbers pay on a given roll. Shooters also enjoy a house edge that is low. But this kind of craps strategy is recommended only to experienced shooters. The 22 inside is a method that is definitely not for beginners.

    To start off learning this strategy, we need to know all about the "inside". This refers to four numbers, the five, six, eight and the nine. Betting on the inside means placing four kinds of bets on the four numbers mentioned earlier. Place bets are bets on a certain box number which goes straight to a number you chose.

    The rules for 22 inside are very easy to follow. If your inside bets work, any hits on 9, 8, 6 and 5, will give you wins of 7 up to 5 on the 9 and 5 bets. It also gives you a 7 up to 6 on the 8 and 6 bets. But if you hit a 7, this will mean a loss for you. Inside bets can also be turned on or off whenever you wish. You can also pull your bets down or you can pull them up again. You are also required to play inside bets of $22 as a minimum in every $5 bets of the table. Place a $22 unit and advise the dealer by saying $22 inside. The dealer will then put $5 on the 9 and the 5. He will also place $6 on the 8 and 6.

    There are two strategies in 22 inside. One is for playing pass using established points of 9, 8, 6 and 5. The other is for not playing pass with points 4 or 10. A bettor gets more action with a 22 inside play. He can easily gain another 4 winning numbers with very low risk. But getting a 7 can easily claim all inside bets. But if the point is placed on inside numbers, the player's bet gets reduced from $22. You only need to put three out of four numbers. You can place money on free odds if you'd like to increase your bet.